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Three Wee Crows

Theatre Company

"Shape shifting through time"



Here are some of our pieces:


Duart Castle


True Love – The Marriage of Lachlan Lubanach and Mairi MacDonald


Pins and Needles – cattle rustling, MacIain Giharr and the wrath of the witches of Mull


Lady's Rock – abandoned by her husband to die on a rock, the wife lives to tell the tale


Clara's Theme – unrequited love and the Spanish Armada


The Swan – Cromwell's ships sent to quell the Royalists on Duart, a storm and a shipwreck



Southend Kintyre


Columba – the arrival of the great man and his followers, as viewed through the eyes of local women


Blood Rock by Len Brown – a journey through the history of Kintyre, the arrival of Columba, the

feuding of the clans, right up to the present day – Mull of Kintyre and the new religion – golf!




Evolution to Devolution – Scotland's history from the Ice Age to the first Kings


Grand Design – the story of the Scottish Parliament building in Holyrood, a symbol of Scotland's emerging independence


Fish and Chips by Len Brown written for the Oban Bi-Centennial, Oban's story over the last 200 years


Brides of Bonawe by Sheila Hannon, a celebration of the three Bridgets (or one Theresa Murray) and her/their quest for a mate.
Fact or fiction? We don't know but we have seen the photo of Frank Lentini!


The Return of the Ring is the story of the legend of Kilchurn Castle involving Sir Colin Campbell the Crusader and his wife Marriott


Deidre of the Sorrows - her soulful lament in the familiar story of her passion for Glen Etive and her adopted country, her enduring love for Naoise and her grief at his passing


Grand Designs – the history of St Conans Kirk, Lochawe and its creator, Walter Campbell


Brucie – the larger than life effigy in St Conans Kirk, Lochawe, impresses two wee boys


Mary of Callart – celebrates the tragic union of Mary and Patrick Campbell of Inverawe, featuring the voice of
Brigadier John MacFarlane


Diarmid – tells the story of a hero made immortal by being plunged into a sacred pool and his fatal love for the wife of an Irish King


The Ghosts of Cockcrow – Enslaved and Expelled – written by Len Brown, tells first of the Scottish Exodus and its dark involvement with slavery and then of the Highland Clearances and the greed of absentee landlords

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